“I would like to recommend Terry… I have been seeing him on and off over the years and never fail to feel better after a treatment.”

– Ms Perry

“I’ve seen Terry a number of times for chronic pain in my shoulder and sciatica. I’ve been amazed with the results. In my view, Terry works on many levels – physical, emotional and energetically. My body responds so well to his considered, kind and wise treatment. I highly recommend Terry’s holistic approach to create ease in the body and mind – very beneficial, thank you!

– Paula Wyatt

“Terry is a lovely guy. My family have been coming to him for years to sort out bad necks, bad backs, trapped nerves, etc. We would be lost without him. Couldn’t recommend him more.”

– Ms Burdett

“I’ve run a marathon with a sciatic condition and do regular stretching exercises, but every so often it flares up and becomes debilitating. I went for three McTimoney Chiropractic treatments with Terry, who uses light touch, subtle realignments and energy work.

My back improved so well that I played basketball again, but the realignment hadn’t fully healed and I put my back out badly in the process. After three more chiropractic treatments, something miraculous happened – a whole season without back pain and sciatic symptoms for the first time in years. I can only put this rebalancing and incredible healing down to the work of Terry.”

– Mr Hawkes

“Terry has kept me on my feet since 2004 after a year of the more painful ‘cracking it back’ method which made it worse. Definitely recommend Terry’s application of the McTimoney method, plus his amazing empathy.”

– Ms Stewart

“Terry is brilliant! When I initially visited him, over several sessions he managed to free a nerve that had been trapped in my back for months, which had been causing excruciating pain. He also used acupuncture on a torn ligament in my knee which really helped. He is friendly, funny, very empathic and an excellent chiropractor. He specialises in the McTimoney method which is gentle. No terrifying cracks to be heard, ever!!
He has been treating my decrepit body for more than 20 years and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

– Ms Grey

“Movement and relief from pain are such gifts. Thanks Terry.”

– Ms Smith