Your first visit

At the first appointment a medical history will be taken and then I will carry out an examination to determine how and if my treatment can help you. If treatment is the best way forward then we may go ahead and begin immediately.

Will it hurt?

The McTimoney method is gentle, so usually not painful to receive, although a little discomfort may sometimes be felt during treatment. If we decide that deep sports massage is needed then you can expect some discomfort during this phase of the treatment. ​

How many treatments will I need?

This varies according to age, general health and specifics of your condition. Most patients find a course of 2 to 6 treatments is enough. Some more difficult conditions may require a longer course.

How long is an appointment?

Initial appointments last up to one hour. Most appointments last 30 minutes.

Will you crack my back?

With the McTimoney method, the audible crack is not sought or needed. ​

Is it safe?

Yes. The treatment is very safe. The gentle, low force nature of the McTimoney method makes it particularly safe. ​I will carefully assess your body and refer to your medical history before treatment and tailor my methods to your specific needs.

If I suspect medical investigation may be needed, I will advise you to see your GP.

How will I feel afterwards?

This is variable. You may start to feel better straight away or you may experience a temporary increase in symptoms while your body adjusts itself. Patients often report feeling restful or sleepy for a while.

What should I do after treatment?

Your body needs time to heal after treatment. For the best chance of a full recovery you are advised to take a brief walk for 15 minutes and then rest fully for 30 minutes.

I also advise you to avoid strenuous activity such as sports and heavy lifting for 48 hours after treatment.